Step 1 - Planning

We’ll listen to your ideas, concepts and vision for your property, and we can supply you with concept drawings as a part of our preliminary works.

Step 2 - Design

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, our next step will be to ensure we have detailed and accurate plans drawn up. We have our trusted draftspersons and architects, or we can work with those of your choosing. Once you have finalised the design process, it is necessary to have Engineering and Soil Testing completed.

Step 3 - Structural Engineering & Soil Testing

To make sure the correct foundations are built for your home, your site will need to be tested by a Geotechnical Engineer. The Engineer will take soil samples from the site, subject them to varying tests and then specify the correct site classification according to the Australian Standard AS 2870/2011 - Residential slabs and footings. This rating indicates how reactive the soil is, and will help your Structural Engineer to determine what sort of footing system is suitable for your site. With engineering sorted, we’ll be able to accurately price the project.

Step 4 - Quotation

Once you are comfortable with the planning and design process, we’ll price the project. Depending on the size of the project, this timeframe could take two to four weeks. From here, we provide a fixed price quotation that will detail the total project cost. We will supply this as a tender document, which will outline all the inclusions. Dirsell Constructions uses another alternative for pricing, which is constructed on a time and materials basis.

Building your dream home can be an overwhelming experience, so at Dirsell Constructions we guide you through the whole process to ensure your experience is as stress free as possible. Check Out our 10 Step Guide, 10 essential things you must know before building your dream home.

    Step 5 - Permit

    Then we apply for a building permit using the architectural and structural drawings. After the completion of the above process, we draw up a building contract that outlines the building specifications, the scope of works, pricing and completion date. We will also take the time to sit down and outline specific areas of the contract to show you there will be no hidden surprises before you sign.

    Step 6 - Construction

    Once construction has commenced, our focus shifts to three important aspects of the project:
    - Quality - Dirsell Constructions prides itself on the quality of its finishes, ensuring that the same attention to detail is applied from start through to the finish.
    - Communication - we’ll keep you informed of our progress as per the schedule each day. With open communication channels, we’ll ensure there are no surprises and that no decisions are made without you.
    - Customer Satisfaction - we are building this project for you. If you are not happy with how your vision is shaping up, then let’s change it.

    Step 7 - Handover

    Customer satisfaction is the key factor for Dirsell Constructions. As we near completion, we’ll walk you through all parts of your project to confirm your satisfaction and that our commitment to you has been fulfilled. We’ll revisit the vision that was established during the planning phase and review the project overall. We will take on board any feedback you have, and most importantly, clean-up after ourselves leaving you with an outcome that we’d be proud to call our own.

    Step 8 - Maintenance Period

    We will attend to any issues that require attention during the defects liability period to make certain that you are 100% satisfied with the project outcome.

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